Testing Posterous’ MetaWeblog API


I've been thinking a lot about my web presence, and how I don't have 10% of what I've been writing since 2001 online. In the last 10 years I've written 5 or 6 different blog engines, used b2, WordPress, Vellum, etc. etc. etc. I think that weblogs are a somewhat dead medium these days, since the availability of differentiated services (Twitter, Flickr, Github, DeviantArt) spread our online presence through a myriad of services. That's why I post on Twitter, that's why my pictures are on Flickr, and my code on Bitbucket — 10 years ago all of this would be on my weblog.

So I want to use Google+, for example, but I don't want to spread my online presence even more. That's one reason why I like Posterous, it's less than I can post with emails and more that it will autopost what I write to all the services that I use. This way I can keep everything I do on a single URL, not for convenience but for bookkeeping. Of course there's still the problem that Posterous may close in a few years, and I'll have to move everything again to another service, which is always a PITA.

The solution I found is to write a simple service where I can post everything and it will store as a backup. Posterous supports the MetaWeblog API, so it's all I need to implement for now. There's still no integration between Google+ and Posterous (yet, they say), and until then I'm not posting to Google+. One solution I see is writing a script that gets my posts on Google+ and posts them on my backup service through the MetaWeblog API; this would be something easy to do.

Anyway, this is a test on the Posterous MetaWeblog API. I configured it to post to a test WordPress blog that I have. I'm mostly interested on how it will handle images — AFAIK the API supports media upload, and I want to see if the attached picture will be uploaded to the blog or if it will stay hosted on Posterous and hotlinked from my WordPress blog. 1… 2… 3… go.

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